Caving – Training, Beginers, Assessment, Advanced SRT and Rescue course, Guided Trips


Caving provides some excellent opportunities in this area. 
There are some ideal beginners caves as well as more technical trips for those who are more experienced or looking for new and exciting challenges. 
Those familiar with the area around Clapham and Ingleton will realise that it is an ideal location with some exciting and challenging caves.

learn to cave and pot hole

Beginners Caving Trips:

As a provider approved by AALA (The Adventure Licensing Authority) and it is possible to offer trips for individuals or small groups of any age and ability. We can generally provide all specialist clothing and equipment. Those familiar with the area around Ingleton will realise that it is an ideal location for a first trip.

 learn to cave

A Three-day Introduction to Caving:

Generally aimed at smaller groups of 2-4 people this is an ideal opportunity to experience more technical caving and develop basic skills while exploring some of the fine caves and potholes that are present in this area. Depending on the ability and fitness of the group members SRT techniques will usually be introduced and at least one vertical trip undertaken


guided caving trips

Guided Trips:

Making it is possible to undertake some of the more famous trips in the area with an experienced guide (and trainer to help you rig) and descend those caves and developing confidence and skills as you go.

srt caving training

Basic Rope Work:

A course designed around your needs covering simple rope work for moving through caves with small vertical sections including the use of ladders.


caving rope work

An Introduction to SRT:

A course over a period of two days which will introduce SRT (Single Rope Technique) first in an indoor situation and then consolidating those techniques during a straightforward underground trip

cave guiding

More Advanced SRT & Rigging:

This course can be tailored to develop your skills and help you work towards being more independent and safe


SRT Self Help and Rescue Courses:


Local Cave Leader Courses Level 1 & 2 Training or Assessment:

-Courses organised at a time to suit your personal requirements and run in accordance with NCA guidelines. As a an approved Trainer and Assessor for the LCMLA Duncan is able to offer both Level 1 and Level 2 training and assessment courses and will be happy to discuss your needs.

Equipment Available

All technical equipment is included and specialist clothing such as oversuits can be made available.

guided caving trips

Courses aimed at teaching the techniques that allow you to cope with minor rescue situations yourself.